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Plumbing, HVAC, electrical contractors, or anything in between, Field Nimble's got you covered from customer management, to appointment setting, dispatching, invoicing, capturing payment, and recording opportunities for future work.

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The FN Low Down

We keep it simple so you can get to work. That means no complicated screens with hundreds of fields or complex set-up. Here's how Field Nimble's tools can help grow your business, lower your stress, and make you more money.

Customer Management

Easily keep track of customer info, record on-site photos of properties and customer equipment. Log before/after photos, and store all the info in one place for future jobs.

Schedule & Dispatch

Organize and schedule daily jobs, reassign, reschedule, and watch your team while they're on-the-go with FN's map feature ensuring that you never miss a beat.

Present Proposals

Build winning proposals. Show pricing options, add discounts, capture signatures right in-app, even track rejected proposals to know what to change for next time.

Work Orders & Invoices

Easily turn an approved proposal into an invoice, import your price book, or build your own right in-app, add pictures, prices, custom descriptions and more.

Get Paid

FN handles credit card and ACH (electronic checks) and easily records cash and physical check payments. Plus, easily split up payment sources, flat rate CC fees, and enjoy real-time deposits into your account.

Customize Everything

Assign tasks and permissions to some techs, and not to others, tag and organize all your information and easily search it within the app. Plus, add your own custom fields for total control.

Manage Employees

Easily complete the on-boarding process for new team members, assign custom roles and teams to fit the job(s) they'll be doing, and manage their day-to-day tasks/jobs all in-app.

Save Time

Import and go. Don't wait weeks to get your customer list and price book updated in the app. Save time with simple trainings, intuitive tools, and start saving time, today!

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Experience Counts

Since 2007, our team has worked with over 650 residential home services companies helping them grow their businesses and make more money. Along the way, we’ve learned some core lessons about what is important and what isn’t and we’ve developed a process to build more profitable and professional businesses.

“I've worked with and for companies with CRM's that cost hundreds and even thousands per month and haven't received the level of customer service I've gotten with Field Nimble.”

- Felix Conde, Max Service Air Conditioning

"It's fast, easy, user friendly and has saved us hours of billing at the end of the day.”

- Sylvania Rivera, On the Go Heating & Cooling

If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

At Field Nimble, we know success needs more than great software. That’s why we’ve gathered a toolbox of like-minded experts to help you grow in all the ways that matter– from generating leads, increasing sales, and satisfying customers to making pricing decisions and coaching owners.

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