Work Orders & Invoices

Present beautiful work orders and invoices for authorization and approval

 Present beautiful work orders and invoices for authorization and approval

Produce world class electronic work orders and invoices that are simple, beautiful, and ready for print and email.

One Step Work Orders & Invoicing

Going from Proposal to a work order and then invoice is a snap. Work orders show all approved proposals and let you decide how to divide up work. Take one or multiple payments, add discounts and waive fees with our easy to use interface. When you're done, the customer gets a high-quality, beautiful invoice presented to them on the device and via email.

A Personal Touch

Field Nimble puts you in control of the invoice. Sure we list you add your Terms and Conditions, Policies, Guarantees, and other information to every invoice, but Field Nimble lets you personalize every invoice to the customer, on-site. Create unlimited job fields and mark them to be viewable to the customer. They’ll appear on the invoice to remind customers of what you’ve done or suggested. Want to include information tech’s gather on-site? Does a utility or a warranty company need to see details about the equipment replaced in order to pay you? We've got you covered. Just add custom field visible on the invoice to make sure you have what you need to get paid!

Any Price Book

Whether you charge flat rate or bill by the hour, Field Nimble has you covered. Get started by importing your price book, a purchased price book from a national provider, or build your own right in Field Nimble with our easy to use interface. Then, add pictures and content to make your invoice the best looking one in town.


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