Schedule & Dispatch

Schedule and dispatch one or more workers to a job

Schedule and dispatch one or more workers to a job

Take calls, book appointments, schedule visits and dispatch one or more workers to a job.

Intelligent Dashboard

Information is only as good as how it’s presented so we made Field Nimble smart enough to know when work needs to be done and help you plan it. Your Job Dashboard shows all visits assigned to employees. You can easily fill openings from unscheduled jobs, move visits to another employee, and roll with the punches. You can look ahead to next week to keep your work force earning money or back to last week to answer questions.

Never Miss a Thing

Your dispatcher knows everything covered when their task list is clear. Field Nimble auto-creates task lists for unscheduled work, unassigned work, scheduled and in-progress, on-hold, and completed work. It’s easy to see everything.

Real-Time Mapping

Need to figure out who to send to that next job? The Field Nimble dispatch map lets you find the closest technician to that next visit so you are operating lean and mean. Growing fast? You can used our advanced features to limit your view to just techs with visits assigned or by team. Field Nimble helps you plan faster so everyone can get to work.


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