Get Paid

Multiple payment options make sure you're always getting paid.

Multiple payment options make sure you're always getting paid.

Capture credit cards and process checks on-site in real-time.

"Shut up and Take My Money"

When your customer is ready to pay, you can't let anything get in the way. Field Nimble handles Credit Card and ACH (Electronic Check) payments, and records physical check and cash transactions. You can even set-up your own "On Account" payment types to capture in-house or partner financing. We accept multiple payments of multiple types on every job, whether you're billing in stages or your customer wants to split payment between a credit card and cash.

No-Hassle Credit Cards

Credit card processors always tell you you'll get the best rate. In reality, customer reward cards and promotions cut into your bottom line and leave you with no good way to reconcile in your accounting system. Processing credit cards in Field Nimble is different because there is always a flat rate of 3.99% per transaction. You'll always know your cost on every transaction!

It's Your Money

We understand how important cash flow is for a growing business. Unlike some providers, we don't "hang on" to your payments to make an extra buck. With a direct connection to our provider, electronic payments go directly into your account.

Real-Time Checks

Taking checks is great. No Fees and even the most cautious customers are comfortable with it. The problem has always been the risk is left on the business owner - you risk a bounced check and the associated fees. For a small additional per-transaction fee, our provider offers real-time funds confirmation to make sure that your customer's check is good and that you're getting paid today.


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