Customize Everything

Custom fields at every level to track what is important to you

Custom fields at every level to track what is important to you

Create unlimited custom fields on everything in the system to track and report on what is important to you.

Gather Your Data, Your Way

You control the options that appear for your team when capturing options, like the type of job or customer equipment and manufacturer. Build on the suggestions we provide or create a completely new structure that works for your company. Ever wanted to have a tech capture information to appear on an invoice? Add a new type to the Job Notes field and mark it to "Appear on Invoice". Need to capture information that isn't necessary for the customer? Mark it as hidden and your techs will have access but it won't be presented to the customer. That's just one of the cool ways you can use Dynamic Look-ups in Field Nimble.

Custom Fields

Just changing values not enough for you? We've got you covered. With Field Nimble's custom fields, add unlimited custom fields to the system to capture data on customers, properties, jobs, employees, and more. We don't make your techs just use one big field to capture the info you need to sell and market your business. Make specific fields for what YOU know is important.


Being Nimble means having the right data at your finger tips. Using Field Nimble's advanced tagging lets you mark anything, anywhere with single words or phrases. Identify VIP customers, opportunities, technician skills or on-call status, high-value items and more. Field Nimble's advanced system search gets you back to anything with ease.


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